Susan is from Prince Edward Island and obtained a Bachelor in Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University in 2001. She studied naturopathic medicine for three years before setting her sights on a medical degree. Susan graduated from Saba University School of Medicine in 2012. She completed her Family Medicine residency and Care of the Elderly fellowship through the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. During her Family Medicine residency, she had the opportunity to rotate with Dr. James Chau and Dr. Jo-Anne Clarke at the North East Specialized Geriatric Centre (NESGC) in Sudbury, Ontario. She fell in love with Geriatric Medicine and their multi-disciplinary approach.  She has been fortunate to learn from many inspiring physicians who share a passion for Geriatric Medicine. After graduation, she was warmly welcomed to the NESGC team and is thankful for their support in making her dream job a reality. She created her first video, "Maintaining the Connection" during her fellowship year. As a new Care of the Elderly physician, she hopes to create more evidence-based educational videos for caregivers and families of people with dementia.